Global city A place where most of us live now, essentially a command center where most of the important service industries and large companies reside. The city is technologically advanced; this is where a lot of new innovation and development occurs. Mirzoeff argues that the creation of the global city has come at a tremendous cost. Now we have to become aware of how humans have turned the planet into one enormous human artefact, the largest work of art ever made or ever possible (15).

Visual culture A culture of the visual(Mirzoeff, 11). Looks at the aspects in culture that involves both the things that are visible to us with our eyes and what we cannot physically see, but what we have previously interpreted as to be true. It examines the act of seeing as a product of the tensions between external images or objects, and internal thought processes(Hooper-Greenhill, 14). The concept of visual culture has altered over the years from previously having to go to a specific viewing space, such as the movie theater, to watching films online.

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