Te Ao Hurihuri: Animal Cruelty

Te ao hurihuri identifies the current moment as a part of a series of events that began with first contact and settlement and continues until the present moment. It acknowledges how contemporary shifts in technology and cultural development are located in relation to wider historical influences and connections and affects future social, political and cultural structures and discourse.

For this project we are asked to investigate and respond to a social, cultural, economic, political or environment issue of our choice. I have decided to focus on animal cruelty and animal rights specifically in the United States. I believe this topic is current and relevant and I will be able to find numerous visual elements I can utilize. I have already found several artists that have dedicated entire projects and pieces of work to animal cruelty. Through this type of visual activism they have the ability to get their message out to a wider audience in a creative way. I will be focusing on animal rights laws in the United States, if those laws are actually being followed and on a wide variety of peopleโ€™s opinions on this critical topic. One idea I have in mind is to showcase the evolution of visual activism with the advances and changes in technology and how this has influenced the way people are able to portray their opinions on social issues as well as what is now socially acceptable to show which might have been too extreme in the past. I am looking forward to delving further into this topic as well as seeing what my peers have chosen and being able to help and provide feedback on their work as well as receive constructive feedback on my work.